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Practical information

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Under 14 International Tournament (18th to 25th july 2015)
Tennis Europe Juniors Tour (Category 2)

On line on Tennis Europe Website from 25th may to 23dr june 2015 (14:00 GMT).
Withdrawal deadline: 7th july 2015 (14:00 GMT)

Tennis Europe Rules and Regulation:
Players must be borned in 2001 and after.

Tennis Europe website links:
- Guide for player ans Entries

For all information, please contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For National Squads: Free hospitality until last member of the squad is eliminated.
For other Main Draw Players: Free hospitality until eliminated.
Hotels: Ibis Tour de Bretagne and Ibis Gare Sud

Full hospitality: only in the two official hotels
Hotel reservation dealine: freeze deadline
National coaches: for full hospitality, national coachs must be nominated before the freeze deadline.

Single room: 70€
Double Room: 45€
All inclusive (night and Meals on site): 65€ for players and 90€ for coaches.
Meals: 12€ (lunch or diner)


Balle Mimosa Loire-Atlantique
Stade Pascal Laporte
74, Bd des Anglais
44100 NANTES

- Pick-up will be organized on request from the Nantes Train Station or from the Nantes Airport.
- During the event, Shuttles from the Club and the Hotel IBIS are organized depending on the start of the matches.


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